Coming for a temporary stay in France? Make the choice of a furnished rental by Choosearent.

France remains unquestionably one of the most popular destinations in the world. Its mountains for winter sports and sandy beaches, its typical and unique towns and postcard villages are all elements of heritage attracting visitors from around the world. If you want to discover the French wonders, and therefore make a temporary stay in France, have you thought about the furnished rental?

Choose the choice for your temporary stay in France.

The lights of the city of Lyon have always tempted you? Do you dream of seeing the red carpet in Cannes? Or do you want to make a temporary stay in Paris, at the foot of the Eiffel Tower? With Choosearent, you have the choice. Our properties are located in several French cities and are located in the best neighborhoods. Accessibility, practicality and safety are our watchwords. Your only criteria for your temporary stay is that of your style and your needs.

Traveler or corporate?

Our properties are acclaimed by all travelers. For holidaymakers, a furnished apartment is a perfect alternative to the hotel. On the one hand because of its competitive price, on the other hand because of the freedom it offers. Two decisive arguments for travelers wishing to make a temporary stay in France.
Professionals find an answer adapted to their needs. Whether punctually in the context of a seminar or regularly, professionals find with our homes places of reception and familiar meeting. Taking care of their stay with our business rental package allows them to fully devote themselves to the organization of their temporary stay in France.

Why choose Choosearent for your temporary stay?

At Choosearent, we are committed to meeting all your needs. Even if you stay in a studio or a furnished apartment, we offer you a quality hotel service.
We also have properties whose availability adapts to the dates of your trip. Whether it is a temporary stay or a move in the longer term, we have the accommodation you need.
We offer a personalized and humanized service. At Choosearent you can benefit from an accompaniment to find a tourist guide to discover your city of residence, to benefit from meal trays, to reserve a room or to organize a private or professional event.

Quality service and adapted, do not hesitate to contact us! Rent differently, rent smart through Choosearent.


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