Our company offers relocation service for professionals and for individuals during their new installation.
Our mission is to allow you to settle down and provide you with any information necessary for your new domiciliation.
We will make every effort to allow you to relocate in the best possible conditions.

Expatriates, make your life easier with Choosearent's furnished relocation service

It is never easy to find accommodation in France. And even less when the search is done remotely. Unknown cities and lack of information do not facilitate your installation. Go through Choosearent for your furnished relocation, you access a set of service for your efforts!

Find the rare pearl ...

Like our other services, we have different types of housing. They are available in different French cities. You can rent them for a short or long term according to your needs. The accommodations for furnished relocation are available for both individuals and professionals.

But that's not all!

Choosearent is not content to find you your furnished relocation. As soon as you make contact with us, we commit ourselves to a quality follow-up of your file. It starts with an explanation of the formalities of your insertion on the French soil in the administrative and fiscal domains. We also help you in the case of a wage transfer and with the legal and fiscal management of the departure and the return. Depending on your needs, we can also look for a school for your children or charter a valet.

Choosearent, the choice of a dedicated team in charge of your furnished relocation

To provide our services in furnished relocation, we work with a multilingual team and assisted by legal advisers. A lawyer is at your disposal to answer your tax questions. This is Master Gerbert. You can reach him on +33 1 45 20 39 50. Our team is authorized to make tailor-made and on-demand studies.

For your furnished relocation in France, rent differently, rent smart choosing Choosearent!

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Our services

  • Explanation of the formalities to your insertion on the French soil in the administrative and fiscal domains,
  • Payroll
  • Guaranty a follow-up for the duration of the process, supported at the launch of the mission
  • Different formulas and options to answer more precisely your wishes and desires (school search, set up a valet, etc.
  • Taxation of individuals, residents and non-residents
  • Impatriate and expatriates, taxation of income and wealth, legal and tax management of departure and return, (tax information for companies, individuals, etc. – Lawyer Christophe GERBET, phone 01 45 20 39 50)
  • Housing search and installation.

Our team

Legal Advice

We work with a multilingual team and assisted by legal counsel.
Our team is empowered to make tailor-made and on-demand studies.

Multilingual Team

We will do our best to make these procedures the most enjoyable and give you all the keys in hand to achieve the best integration in France.

Custom studies

We guarantee a quality service and know-how recognized by our partners.
Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information, contact us.